What is Place Based Education?

what is place based education homeschoolingJuly’s theme at EI4K is place-based education (PBE). PBE gives you the tools to connect your child with a specific place in your community, help them to understand this place, and take action to improve it.

Environmental Education Connection

PBE ties in to environmental education because your child learns about the environment nearest to them first. The empathy gained for the local environment will gradually extend to the entire Earth as your child grows and becomes aware of the world around them.

Through PBE, your child can learn about the environment, history, and culture of a place. They can also partner with environmental and social organizations that manage or influence this particular place.

EI4K Resources

Watch for an upcoming EI4K training webinar with in-depth strategies to use when teaching your child using place-based education. Lesson plans and teaching tools will be posted in the members-only section of the site, as well as blog posts for everyone to enjoy.

Your first step: Finding a special place for your child to connect with. What place have you found?

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