Venn Diagram Template and Activity

Here are three steps for making your own Venn diagram.

1. Pick Two

The first step is to choose two different organisms to compare and contrast. You can choose two animals of the same species, but for beginners with Venn diagrams it’s best to use two different types of organisms. You could use two different kinds of mammals or two different kinds of birds, or you could compare a certain type of mammal to a certain type of bird, or you can even use plants. You can compare plants to each other or you can compare an animal to a plant. There are many possibilities for making the Venn diagram, so you just need to figure out what interests your child the most. For this example, I’m going to compare and contrast a rabbit and a squirrel.

2. Find Similarities and Differences

The second step in making your Venn diagram is to look for similarities and differences between your two organisms. I’m going to use the eastern tree squirrel that many people can see out in the environment and the cottontail rabbit, which lives throughout a large part of the United States. Some similarities that are easy to see between them are that they are often both brown; they also have eyes, ears, four legs, paws, and tails. They are both mammals, so they have fur, they make milk for their young, and they’re warm-blooded

3. Fill in the Venn Diagram

Example of a Venn Diagram

Now I’m going to look for some differences between these two animals. Although they both have tails, their tails look very different from each other. The squirrel’s tail is long and curled around and fluffy while the cottontail rabbit’s tail is small. They’re also different colors. The cottontail has a white tail, and the squirrel has a brown tail. Or, it may not have a brown tail because sometimes tree squirrels can be gray or black or red. The difference in colors could also go in the contrasting spaces of the Venn diagram.

Once you’ve figured out some similarities and differences for your two organisms, the third step is to fill in your Venn diagram. In the center where the two circles overlap, you can write down all of the similarities, and where the circles don’t overlap, you can write the differences.

Download Venn Diagram template

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