Science for Kindergarten Homeschool

In kindergarten, the world around kids is still new. Kindergarteners continue the curiosity, exploration, and discovery that they began in infancy and carried through pre-K. They are using skills such as making observations and developing conclusions.

Science Builds Skills

At this point in their education, it’s a good idea to direct these skills into an academic route. For example, they’ll continue to use observation skills, but now they’ll use their observations to make recordings and collect data. Similarly, they’ll develop conclusions, but these will be based on evidence from many sources instead of only what they see. By using these skills, they will have a greater understanding of the world around them than they had when they were younger.

Kids in Nature Are Happier

What’s awesome about homeschooling is that the settings where learning can take place can be more varied than at a school. Instead of being in a classroom that may not even have windows, and only getting to experience the outside world during recess and P.E., homeschooled kids have the opportunity to spend a lot of time outside. Research shows that spending time in nature makes people happier and healthier, and it can increase attention spans. This is great news for homeschoolers!

Science Makes Connections

By studying the environment, kids can learn science as well as integrate other subjects, like reading, writing, math, and social studies, with what they’re learning. They will feel more connected to the world around them. Additionally, if they get involved in environmental activities, they can gain the skills and the desire to help the environment, as well as believe that they can make a difference.

EI4K Science Curriculum

Environmental Issues for Kids’ curriculum begins with kindergarten because this is the grade when many kids can learn how to apply their skills academically. The curriculum is also appropriate for kindergarten because the lessons focus on exploration of the environment. This aspect builds upon kids’ natural curiosity. The program is appropriate for kids in kindergarten through fourth grade because the instructions are explained verbally as well as in writing, and kids can draw pictures instead of writing words if they aren’t ready to write yet.

Free Science Video Lesson

I want to send you a free video lesson so you and your child can try out Environmental Issues for Kids’ homeschool kindergarten science curriculum. This video is part of the Backyard Buddies lesson, and in it I teach your child how to investigate the animals that are living around your home. If you don’t have a backyard, you can still use this lesson because there will be animals near your home.

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