Owl Pellet Dissection Activity

Learn about owls and the food they eat through an owl pellet dissection activity! Your child will make an educated guess about what the owl ate by examining the bones in the owl pellet.

For this owl pellet dissection activity, you’ll need:

owl pellet (you can order this through a science education supplier)

owl pellet identification chart (search for this online or try this one)

dissection tools (optional, but you will probably at the least need a small, sharp pair of scissors)

gloves (optional; the owl pellets will often have been sterilized)


Using your hands and the dissection tools, open up the owl pellet. Carefully separate the bones from any fur and/or feathers. Place the bones on pictures that match them on the identification chart to find out which animal(s) the owl ate.

Do you want to turn this activity into a project so your child can follow the steps of a scientific investigation? Use the What Do Owls Eat lesson plan found inside ei4k’s Community!