Nature Walk Ideas for Getting Kids Outside

Have you ever been disappointed after realizing that you and your kids spent all day inside?

Last week I went to a conference in Nashville and checked in to a fancy hotel with a comfortable room and excellent food.

But as evening approached during my first day there, I realized I hadn’t been outside since arriving that morning.

There were several types of trees growing around the hotel, so I stopped what I was doing, grabbed my phone so I could take pictures, and went on a nature walk.

If you want to get your kids outside, here are three ideas that can make a nature walk fun for everybody.

Put your nature walk on your calendar, and let your kids know when it’s going to happen. They’ll view it as an event that they can look forward to, and they’ll be more willing to stop other activities they’re doing when it’s time to go outside.

Take at least one camera, and let everyone take pictures of what interests them. Later, you can use books and the internet to find the names of specific plants and animals that you saw.

Encourage your kids to take their time and enjoy the nature walk. Kids tend to be happier and healthier when they spend time in nature, and your praise will give them incentive to go outside again.

Do you have questions about how to get your kids outside? Put them in the comments section, and I’d be happy to answer them.

If you’d like more ways to get your kids outside, check out EI4K’s Science Video Lessons. Through these lessons, your child will learn about science by going outside and exploring nature.

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