Kindergarten Science Curriculum Homeschool

Kindergarten Science Curriculum HomeschoolWhen you’re looking for kindergarten science curriculum for homeschool, you should make sure that it contains the right ingredients to give your child a successful learning experience.

Accounts for Short Attention Spans

Children tend to have short attention spans, so it’s important to use activities that can be broken into shorter segments. Then children can work for as long as their attention spans allow them to.

One way to help children have longer attention spans is to teach them in nature. As Last Child in the Woods author, Richard Louv, points out, being in nature can also help children with ADHD have longer attention spans.

Encourages Active Learning

In teacher-centered learning, the parent or teacher tells information to the children and expects them to remember it. This type of learning does not engage children’s senses, and it does not give them opportunities to build their skills.

Children need to learn through activities that encourage them to do something. “Doing” can include reading, working out math problems, or exploring nature to find plants and animals. It’s important that they engage in these learner-centered activities to make the most of their learning abilities.

Benefits Parents

Most curriculum is laid out as a book filled with lesson plans. Parents have to read through these lesson plans, learn the content, and follow the instructions for teaching the material. As a result, parents have more stress and less free time.

I want to help you have more free time and less stress as you homeschool your kids. That’s why I have video lessons that your child can learn from.

You will have quality time with your kids as you watch the video lessons with them and help them conduct the activities.

The videos are short, and much of your time will be spent outside exploring. Then you’ll go inside to watch more videos, where I’ll teach your kids how to make tables, graphs, and models.

You don’t need to learn the content in advance. You don’t need to spend time preparing, other than to watch the optional Parent Intro video. Your role is to guide your kids through the activities and give them the supplies that they need.

Provides an Enjoyable Experience

Without the stress of spending a lot of time preparing lessons, you will have a more enjoyable homeschool experience.

Your kids will also enjoy the experience because they will get to explore nature and engage in learner-centered activities.

Lets You Sample the Curriculum for Free

If you are looking for kindergarten science curriculum for homeschool, then you need to check out these video lessons.

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Try it out with your children. Enjoy quality time with them outside as you carry out the investigation.

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