How To Register Your Child for Homeschool

How To Register Your Child for HomeschoolHow to register your child for homeschool varies from state to state and sometimes among school districts within a state. As an example, in Ohio and Florida, parents need to notify their local school district superintendent of their intent to homeschool. Ohio’s Department of Education (DOE) provides a recommended notification form to fill out, while Florida’s DOE gives a list of the information that should be included in the notice of intent.

Notice of Intent

A notice of intent to homeschool generally requires basic information like the parents’ addresses and the child’s name and date of birth. Parents may need to provide specific information about their plan for homeschooling. This could include a short outline of the curriculum for the year, a list of textbooks or curriculum for specific subjects, and agreements to meet state requirements, such as providing a certain number of hours of education or covering particular subjects. Some states will also require the homeschooling parent to hold certain credentials, such as a high school diploma or equivalent.

Additional Requirements

In other states, the process may be more complex. For example, in California, students are required to attend public school. To homeschool their child, parents must file a Private School Affidavit and get it approved to exempt their child from attending public school. In some states, parents may also be required to file notarized documents with the local school district.

State Resources

The best way to register your child for homeschool is to check your state’s department of education website for the guidelines that you need to follow. State-specific homeschool organizations can also provide guidance for you. With a little research into the laws and time spent filling out the required documents, you can move on to the more interesting and fulfilling part of homeschooling – educating your child.


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