Where Does the Water in Your Yard Go?

Where Does the Water in Your Yard Go?
Road Map by MarkFogliato

Finding out where water goes can be a fun adventure. For this activity, help your child find your house on a map, such as the satellite map in Google Maps. Locate the nearest waterway, and then follow its path on the map to see where it goes.

For example, the canal behind my house leads to a creek, which flows into an estuary, which is connected to the ocean. (You may need to research ahead of time to find out which direction the water flows.)

Road Trip

Then print out the map, get some paper and crayons or colored pencils, and go on a drive. Follow the path of the water and make stops along the way. The kids can mark those stops on the map and draw pictures of what they see. You can follow the water as far as you’re willing to drive.

Discuss with your kids how anything that goes into the water, like trash or fertilizers, will travel through the different bodies of water. Pollution doesn’t stay in one place, and water helps it travel. What people do in their yards can affect organisms that live seemingly far away.

Where does the water in your yard go?

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