What is Environmental Issues for Kids?

Environmental Issues for Kids (EI4K) gives homeschool parents quality time with their kids, less stress, and more free time. Through science video lessons for grades K-4, parents and kids learn science concepts and then follow investigation plans to explore the environment together. The lessons currently include animal topics, with more topics coming soon.

How much does it cost?

EI4K costs $20/month or $200/year (save $40!). The price includes access to all of the science video lessons at any time.

Who is EI4K for?

EI4K is for parents who want to give their children hands-on learning experiences in nature, and for those who want to encourage their children to take care of the environment.

How will I benefit from EI4K?

Parents will not need to learn or prepare science content for the lessons. This will give you more free time and less stress, especially if science is not your preferred subject. You will also spend quality time with your kids as you carry out the investigations in your favorite outdoor locations.

How will my kids benefit from EI4K?

Your kids will learn animal, plant, and earth science concepts while developing skills in math, language arts, and social studies. They will also learn how to take responsible actions to help the environment.

Does EI4K include lessons about physical science?

There are no lessons that focus on physics/physical science, although some concepts from these fields of science may be included from time to time. At EI4K, we believe in focusing on what we do best, and that is teaching about the environment. Physics curriculum is available from other homeschool providers.

What about space science?

There are no lessons that focus on space science, although there may be times where it is included to help students understand Earth’s place in the universe or the effect of space bodies on the Earth. Although outer space is a fascinating subject, EI4K focuses on hands-on experiences in a child’s local environment. Space science curriculum is available from other homeschool providers.

What about human body science?

The health of the human body is dependent on the health of the environment. It is likely that human body science will be included in future video lessons. If you are interested in this topic for the upcoming semester, let us know by clicking on “Contact” above and filling out the form.

Why should I buy EI4K science video lessons now?

Your kids need nature. Kids that spend time in nature experience increased creativity, a greater attention span, and greater physical and emotional health (Louv). Unlike most schools, where kids have no choice but to learn about science inside, homeschooling provides a valuable opportunity for your kids to learn about science through their senses, as they see, hear, smell, and touch the world they live in.

What else will my child gain from EI4K?

EI4K offers student office hours where students can chat with each other and their virtual teacher, Jennifer Howell. Students can share what they’re learning and ask any questions they have about science.

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46 videos about animals
Coming August 2018: A new series of 56 videos
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