Nature Walk Ideas for Getting Kids Outside

Have you ever been disappointed after realizing that you and your kids spent all day inside?

Last week I went to a conference in Nashville and checked in to a fancy hotel with a comfortable room and excellent food.

But as evening approached during my first day there, I realized I hadn’t been outside since arriving that morning.

There were several types of trees growing around the hotel, so I stopped what I was doing, grabbed my phone so I could take pictures, and went on a nature walk.

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Homeschool Dad

Are you a dad who’s homeschooling your kids for the first time? Are you wondering how to be successful with science?

I have an awesome science program that your kids will love! They’ll learn science through a combination of videos and hands-on learning.

Together, you’ll watch a short video. Afterwards, you’ll complete the steps from the video. Then you’ll watch another video, and continue to repeat this process.

I’ll teach the content and give step-by-step instructions. You can guide your kids through the steps and provide the materials they need. You and your kids will get to spend quality time Read more

What Is the Meaning of a Feather?

This morning, I took my dog on our daily one-mile loop around the neighborhood. We usually go right before sunrise, when the day isn’t too hot yet, and the air isn’t quite as heavy with humidity. On these walks, I keep an eye out for treasures like new flowers in bloom or a bird I’ve never seen before. Today, I found a feather.

This feather is black, and it’s the largest one I’ve ever found. Of course I brought it home and added it to my collection. Then I started thinking about all of the things we can learn from … Read more

Kindergarten Science Curriculum Homeschool

Kindergarten Science Curriculum HomeschoolWhen you’re looking for kindergarten science curriculum for homeschool, you should make sure that it contains the right ingredients to give your child a successful learning experience.

Accounts for Short Attention Spans

Children tend to have short attention spans, so it’s important to use activities that can be broken into shorter segments. Then children can work for as long as their attention spans allow them to.

One way to help children have longer attention spans is to teach them in nature. As Last Child in the Woods author, Richard Louv, points out, being in nature can also help children with … Read more

Free Online Homeschool Curriculum

I want to give you a free sample of Environmental Issues for Kids’ online homeschool curriculum. This curriculum uses video lessons to teach your child about science, and it’s for children in kindergarten through fourth grade.

The free online homeschool video I want to give you is the first step in the Backyard Buddies lesson. This lesson is part of a 9-week series about animals. In this series, I will guide your child through all of the steps of a scientific investigation so they can learn about animals that live in your community.

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Science for Kindergarten Homeschool

In kindergarten, the world around kids is still new. Kindergarteners continue the curiosity, exploration, and discovery that they began in infancy and carried through pre-K. They are using skills such as making observations and developing conclusions.

Science Builds Skills

At this point in their education, it’s a good idea to direct these skills into an academic route. For example, they’ll continue to use observation skills, but now they’ll use their observations to make recordings and collect data. Similarly, they’ll develop conclusions, but these will be based on evidence from many sources instead of only what they see. By using these … Read more

Meaning of Environmental Education

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Meaning of Environmental Education

Environmental education is the study of the natural and the manmade environment that we live in. It includes forests, fields, lakes, and the ocean as well as buildings, roads, and city parks. It’s also the study of the way people interact with the environment by making it better, making it worse, or having no impact on it.

Relevance to Homeschool Curriculum

If you’re looking for an interdisciplinary approach to homeschooling, then environmental education is a solution. The main subjects that relate to environmental education are science and … Read more

How To Register Your Child for Homeschool

How To Register Your Child for HomeschoolHow to register your child for homeschool varies from state to state and sometimes among school districts within a state. As an example, in Ohio and Florida, parents need to notify their local school district superintendent of their intent to homeschool. Ohio’s Department of Education (DOE) provides a recommended notification form to fill out, while Florida’s DOE gives a list of the information that should be included in the notice of intent.

Notice of Intent

A notice of intent to homeschool generally requires basic information like the parents’ addresses and the child’s name and date of birth. Parents may need … Read more