Transect Ecology Activity

Get your child outside with a hands-on transect ecology activity! Using only yarn and their eyes, your child will discover living things in their environment.

For this transect ecology activity, you’ll need:


sticks (optional)

magnifying glass (optional)


Find an outdoor area that has a variety of natural objects so your child can see different plants and/or types of ground. A manicured lawn is not an ideal location for this activity.

Caution: Scout the area for poisonous plants or other dangers before continuing.

Stretch out a piece of yarn to a desired length, for example, ten feet or ten … Read more

3 Tips for Spending Time in Nature (Even in Bad Weather)

Podcast Show Notes

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3 Tips for Spending Time in Nature (Even when the weather is bad)

Nature Walk Video
City Park, November 2018

Animals and Plants
Northern cardinal
slash pine
bluestem grass
strange seed pods
sabal palm
tree/shrub with fuzzy white flowers
saw palmetto

“Laser Groove” and “Cold Sober” Kevin MacLeod (
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