Water Temperature Activity

Investigate the difference between water in sunlight and water in shade over time! Your child will set out two cups of water and measure temperatures to learn that the sun heats up water.

For this water temperature activity, you’ll need:

pitcher or large bowl

measuring cup

two of the same cups that can hold 8 ounces of liquid

two thermometers


a place outside with sunlight

a place outside with shade


Fill a pitcher or large bowl with water, and stir it a few times with your hand. Pour 8 ounces of this water into a measuring cup. Pour … Read more

Owl Pellet Dissection Activity

Learn about owls and the food they eat through an owl pellet dissection activity! Your child will make an educated guess about what the owl ate by examining the bones in the owl pellet.

For this owl pellet dissection activity, you’ll need:

owl pellet (you can order this through a science education supplier)

owl pellet identification chart (search for this online or try this one)

dissection tools (optional, but you will probably at the least need a small, sharp pair of scissors)

gloves (optional; the owl pellets will often have been sterilized)


Using your hands and the dissection … Read more

Transect Ecology Activity

Get your child outside with a hands-on transect ecology activity! Using only yarn and their eyes, your child will discover living things in their environment.

For this transect ecology activity, you’ll need:


sticks (optional)

magnifying glass (optional)


Find an outdoor area that has a variety of natural objects so your child can see different plants and/or types of ground. A manicured lawn is not an ideal location for this activity.

Caution: Scout the area for poisonous plants or other dangers before continuing.

Stretch out a piece of yarn to a desired length, for example, ten feet or ten … Read more

Acids and Bases Lab Activity

Today is a great day to introduce the concept of acids and bases to your child! In this activity, you and your child will combine an acid and a base and then watch the reaction.

For this acids and bases lab activity, you’ll need:

White vinegar (the acid)

Seashell or piece of chalk (the base)

If using a seashell, make sure it isn’t one you’re sentimental about!

Caution: Mixing strong acids and bases (like bleach) with other substances can be dangerous. I recommend sticking to the substances listed above.


Put the seashell or chalk in a clear glass. Add … Read more

8 Easy Measurement Activities

Measurement activities, either with a ruler or a tape measure, give your child a hands-on task while helping them with skills. It requires coordination to hold the tape measure straight and the ruler steady. By measuring with inches and centimeters, your child will not only work on basic math skills, but will also learn to compare two units of measurement. These measurement activities will also help your child learn about science in the natural world.

Here are 8 easy measurement activities. All you need are a ruler and a tape measure.

  1. Choose one plant, and measure the lengths
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3 Tips for Spending Time in Nature (Even in Bad Weather)

Podcast Show Notes

There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather
3 Tips for Spending Time in Nature (Even when the weather is bad)

Nature Walk Video
City Park, November 2018

Animals and Plants
Northern cardinal
slash pine
bluestem grass
strange seed pods
sabal palm
tree/shrub with fuzzy white flowers
saw palmetto

“Laser Groove” and “Cold Sober” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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