Acids and Bases Lab Activity

Today is a great day to introduce the concept of acids and bases to your child! In this activity, you and your child will combine an acid and a base and then watch the reaction.

For this acids and bases lab activity, you’ll need:

White vinegar (the acid)

Seashell or piece of chalk (the base)

If using a seashell, make sure it isn’t one you’re sentimental about!

Caution: Mixing strong acids and bases (like bleach) with other substances can be dangerous. I recommend sticking to the substances listed above.


Put the seashell or chalk in a clear glass. Add vinegar, making sure the seashell or chalk is completely covered. Watch what happens!

Do you want to turn this activity into an experiment so your child can follow the steps of a scientific investigation? Use the Bubbling Seashells lesson plan found inside ei4k’s Community!