8 Easy Measurement Activities

Measurement activities, either with a ruler or a tape measure, give your child a hands-on task while helping them with skills. It requires coordination to hold the tape measure straight and the ruler steady. By measuring with inches and centimeters, your child will not only work on basic math skills, but will also learn to compare two units of measurement. These measurement activities will also help your child learn about science in the natural world.

Here are 8 easy measurement activities. All you need are a ruler and a tape measure.

  1. Choose one plant, and measure the lengths of several of its leaves.
  2. Measure the height of a plant.
  3. Measure the depth of snow on the ground.
  4. Measure the depth of water at the edge of a stream.
  5. Measure the circumference of a tree trunk. (The circumference is the measurement around a tree, as if you were hugging it with the tape measure).
  6. Measure the length of an animal track.
  7. Place a ruler at the edge of a shadow. Measure how far the shadow moves within a period of time.
  8. Measure the length of an insect, spider, or worm.

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