3 Tips for Spending Time in Nature (Even When the Weather is Bad)

Here are three tips for spending time in nature with your kids in all kinds of weather.

1. Wear the right gear.

When it’s hot and sunny, you can wear clothes that keep you cool and slather on the sunscreen. Or you can wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothes that protect you from the sun, and wear sunscreen on exposed skin.

In rain, wear a waterproof rain jacket with a hood, rain pants, and boots. If it’s warm and rainy, you could wear shorts instead of pants. Also, pants and shorts don’t have to be waterproof, but they should be made of quick-drying material, not anything heavy like jeans. If it’s cold outside, add a sweatshirt with a knit hat or a hoodie as an extra layer of warmth.

To go out in the snow, see if you can find slim-fitting snow pants because the bulk of regular snow pants can make it difficult to walk. If you need to use regular snow pants, that’s okay. Trudging through the snow will make your kids’ experience even more memorable! Make sure gloves or mittens and hats are thick enough to keep your kids warm. You may even want to put hand warmers in their pockets.

2. Go to a familiar place.

This, of course, is not a must, but it will let your kids notice changes that take place during different types of weather. When it rains, they might find puddles or streams that weren’t there during the previous dry days. They can watch rain and wind bring down autumn leaves, and then observe snow piling up on the tree branches a few months later. Experiencing one place throughout many types of weather and different seasons will give them a greater understanding of large and small changes that take place on the earth.

3. Be smart about dangerous weather.

Use apps to keep track of the weather, and stay inside during thunder, lightning, hail, tornado watches, etc. Some apps will show you where lightning is striking and whether you should prepare to find shelter. A general guideline to follow is to stay inside for 30 minutes after seeing lightning or hearing thunder.

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