Are your kids bored with science? Are you out of ideas for teaching them and need help?

Homeschool Science Made Easy uses video lessons and outdoor learning. Your kids will learn science in a fun and interactive way, and you won’t have to plan the lessons.

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Environmental Issues for Kids

You’ll have less stress because the lessons are planned for you. Your kids will enjoy learning science through hands-on activities and will have reasons to go outside.

One parent said, “I struggle with science, so I’m glad my kids can learn it from you.”

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When I was a kid, I spent almost all of my free time outside exploring the animals and plants in my yard. I found baby toads, named the squirrels and chipmunks, and learned when the spring flowers would make their first appearance each year.

Sea turtle

After majoring in biology, I spent a few years teaching science at nature camps where students would stay for a week. The students loved learning about science through nature hikes and other outdoor activities.

Later on, I worked at a public school and realized how difficult it was to teach science without being able to take the students outside. I was limited to what I could accomplish with textbooks, worksheets, basic lab supplies, and a few days in a computer lab. I struggled to make science interesting, and I wished the students could go outside and experience nature as I had when I was a kid.


Soon after leaving the teaching job, I started nature-based homeschool classes in my community. I took the kids outside and taught them science through hands-on activities and their own experiences in nature.

Parents enjoyed bringing their kids to the classes because they didn’t need to teach the lessons. Their kids were excited about going outside and learning about science, and they wanted to be outside.

Now I’ve reworked these nature-based classes into an online program. No matter where you live, you can have less stress as you help your children learn science, and your children will have reasons to go outside and enjoy it.

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