What do you mean I have to teach science?

homeschooling environment scienceYou’ve chosen to homeschool your kids, and it’s one of the best decisions you’ve ever made. You begin to plan the year, but really you daydream about reading books, going on field trips, and playing with your kids in the afternoon once all the school work is done. Homeschooling sounds like a breeze until you remember one important thing.

You have to teach science.

Maybe science was never your best subject. Maybe you don’t even like science. Suddenly you’re dreading the moment when your child will ask whether whales are mammals or fish. Or what type of birds visit your backyard. Or why the local lake has turned green. Suddenly you’re questioning homeschooling at all.

Science can be scary, but…

You are not alone.

Environmental Issues for Kids can help.



Environmental Issues for Kids (EI4K) will teach science to your kids

Environmental Issues for Kids (EI4K) has video lessons for your kids in grades K-4. These lessons focus on the environment and help you get your kids to spend time outside.

With EI4K’s video lessons, your child will:

  • Watch pre-recorded video lessons
  • Carry out the assignments
  • Chat with the teacher and other students during student office hours to ask questions and go over results
  • Develop skills such as observing, identifying, measuring, graphing, and modeling

Your role is to:

  • Watch a short parent intro video for each lesson
  • Assist your child with the assignment (for example, gather materials or take your child to locations in the community)

You can also:

  • Assist your child with student office hours if they need help typing
  • Chat with the teacher and other parents during parent office hours

Environmental education lessons prepare your child for the future.

All of the lessons relate to the natural or manmade environment in some way. This unique aspect to EI4K’s lessons ensures that your child will be prepared to identify, investigate, and develop solutions for environmental problems and issues that they’ll encounter now and in the future. These skills are taught at an age-appropriate level.

Researching environmental issues teaches your child about citizenship.

As a result of their research into local environmental issues, your child may choose to become involved by taking actions to help the environment. EI4K’s program encourages them to be an active citizen on issues that matter to them.

Social studies concepts are included.

While EI4K is not a complete social studies curriculum, all 10 themes from the National Curriculum Standards for Social Studies will be found in the lessons.

Kids love learning with hands-on science activities!

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I have a Master’s degree in environmental education, and I’ve been teaching kids about science for 15 years. To learn more about my background, click here.


I have taught in-person classes using several of the lesson plans you’ll find here. Here is what parents said about the classes.

My daughter couldn’t stop talking about your class.

I struggle with science, so I’m glad my kids can learn it from you.

The way you explain the material makes it easy to understand.

My kids love being part of your classes.

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