Your kids live on a struggling planet.

Pollution invades our air and water. Trash piles up in landfills. Animals and plants face extinction. All of these problems affect your children. Whether they breathe, drink water, play outside, or visit a zoo to see the last survivor of an animal species, the condition of the earth affects your children’s health and happiness.

With Environmental Issues for Kids, your children can be heroes for the environment.

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Environmental Issues for Kids

Your kids will work toward making the earth a better place to live today and tomorrow.

They will:

learn about nature

enjoy and respect the environment

and develop skills they can use to help solve the earth’s problems.

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When I was a kid in Ohio, I spent almost all of my free time outside exploring the animals and plants in my yard. I found baby toads, named the squirrels and chipmunks, and learned when the spring flowers would make their first appearance each year. The time I spent outside taught me how nature works, and it helped me to respect the life around me.

Sea turtle

In middle school, I learned about problems that the earth faced. I found out that trash left in the environment could harm animals, people had caused some species to go extinct, and certain bodies of water were not even clean enough for swimming. The earth was not the pretty picture of my elementary years.┬áIf adults hadn’t solved the problems by now, was there really anything that I could do about them?

It turns out that there was something I could do. My science teacher led an environmental club that I joined, and we worked on projects to help the earth. I could see that my actions made the earth better, and I felt like I could make a difference.

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During grad school, I studied what causes people to take care of the earth. Using what I learned, I created Environmental Issues for Kids so your children can make the earth a better place to live today and tomorrow.

Through this program, they will:

have positive experiences in nature

become familiar with problems facing the earth

and develop skills to solve those problems.

Join Environmental Issues for Kids today!

Your kids’ health and happiness depends on the condition of the earth. If they don’t work to solve problems like pollution, trash, and loss of species, who will?

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