How can homeschool science video lessons help me?

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  • Quality time with your kids – Go outside, explore nature, and take field trips together to learn about science.
  • Less stress – You don’t need to learn science content on your own because the science videos teach it for you.
  • More free time – You don’t need to spend time planning science lessons.

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Environmental Issues for Kids (EI4K) will teach science to your kids

For each topic:

You can watch a short “Parent Intro” video that gives you an overview of the lesson.

Your child will learn science concepts through a video lesson.

You and your child will explore the concepts by going outdoors, getting books from the library, or watching videos you find online.

Your child will work on math skills by making tables and graphs.

Many of the lessons have an arts component as well, where your child will make a drawing, painting, or 3D model.

Your child will work on language arts skills by communicating verbally or in writing.

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Kids love learning with hands-on science activities!

Hi, I’m Jennifer. I have a Master’s degree in environmental education, and I’ve been teaching kids about science for 15 years. To learn more about my background, click here.


I have taught in-person classes using several of the lesson plans you’ll find here. Here is what parents said about the classes.

My daughter couldn’t stop talking about your class.

I struggle with science, so I’m glad my kids can learn it from you.

The way you explain the material makes it easy to understand.

My kids love being part of your classes.

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46 videos about animals
Coming August 2018: A new series of 56 videos
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